Mette on oktober 18th, 2011

" Sagacious Defiant" best dog

The Danish Open Show in Denmark 2011 was as usual a succes.

The judge was Mrs Deidre Bateman  kennel Eirdred UK.

There were  54 Bullterriers and 4 Miniature Bullterriers in competition. For the first time ever  “Sagacious Defiants”  son ” Moonflower Ohara ” was at a show, so we were exited to see how he showed in the ring.

“Sagacious Defiant”  won his class for dog Champions.  “Moonflower Ohara” won Open Class for dogs.”

Then at last the winner Class for dogs came, and ” Sagacious Defiant” won and his son ” Moonflower Ohara ” came up as nr. 4.

Finaly ” Sagacious Defiant ” won BOB and BIS.

It was a great day for us and for Jeff who owns this wonderfull young promising boy. As allways there was so many prizes and lovely things to bring home.

We will be back again next year, looking foreward to see who is judging.          



" Moonflower Ohara" Best open dog "


" Nanoq" saying hello to miniature winner

Mette on december 21st, 2010

DKCH Sagacious Defiant - BOS winner

The weekend 13. & 14. November we participated in the Championshipshow in Nuland, Holland.

Judge, Chris Kilpatrick, Kennel Kilacabar, UK.

There were 223 competitors, 104 males and 119 females.

We showed ” Nanoq ” in open class,  together with 23 other males, and he won this class. It was a big surprice for us,  and a mutch better position than we had hoped for.

” Nanoq ” won best dog and finally he won BOS. The winner bitch, Bigshot Eye Candy NHSB was  absolutely stunning.

At Saturday ” Nanoqs” ofspring from Hungary did great in the showring too. “Moonfower Trigger Sullivan” a wonderfull male 13 months old won his class and his littersister “Moonflower Sweet Heather” won her class too. It was a pleasure to see that next generation will be even better than both “Sagacious Defiant” and” Moonflower Celtic Girls”.

Sunday  we represented Sweden in Country Club Competition, and unfortunately four of eight from the swedish team was not represented. Anyway we did O.K. and ended up as number eight, a position we can be satisfied with.

UK won and no doubt, it was the right winner. UK had the best team with stunning dogs, it was a moment of glory to be watched.

Poland was runner up, and they had great dogs in their team as usually.

We have been competitors in both Championshipmatch and Coutryclub Competition for the last four years and we have enjoyed every moment.

The shows are great, the dinner party is great, but of most importance for us, are all these wonderfull people from all over the world, whom we have learned to know and become friends with.  It is a gift to have so many friends in the world, who also has dedicated their life to the most spectacular breed, Bull Terrier.

Mette on november 22nd, 2010

Trophy Show Winner

This year in august “Sagacious Defiant” was invited to the swedish tropy show.  It is a great honour to get that invitation, and we accepted it of course.

From our home in Denmark to Eskilstuna in Sweden, there is  880  km, so we decided to show him sunday at the open show too.

Judges was Anna Blair,  kennel Megaville,  and Tracy Fletcher,  kennel Napier.

Saturday it was mini bullterriers and puppies , who were judged in the rings. And in the evening  the trophy took place.

” Nanoq”  got the BOB and his sister “Sagacious Grace”  was BOS.  Finaly  ” Nanoq” won BIS , and the mini bullterrier ” World Cup Chelsea”  was Runner Up.

Sunday it was Open Show for standard bullterriers.  ” Nanoq” did it again, he  ended up with BOB , and his sister was BOS just as  Saturday.

Michael Thompson and Ulla-Britt Edmann who bred this litter, did a unique and sensational performance this weekend.

It never happend before, that littersisters/ brothers  both wins Trophy and open show the same year.

There were 165  entries.

Sagacious Defiant BOB & Sagacious Grace BOS

Mette on november 22nd, 2010

World Dog Show 2010 - Sagacious Defiant BOB

In june 2010 the Danish Terrier Club  had two shows in connection to world dog show.

Saturday the judge was Josef Schneider, Kennel Xanadu, Austria.

” Nanoq” won BOB.

Sunday the judge was Gerard Cox, Kennel Coxgal,  Ireland.

” Nanoq” won BOS

World Dog Show 2010 - Sagacious Defiant BOS

Mette on november 22nd, 2010

Dog Show Vejen- Sagacious Defiant BOB

In june 2009 Brenda Banbury,  UK was judge.

” Nanoq”  won  BOB.